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Tuk Tuks are my all-time favourite way to travel in Asia. The chaos is fantastic.

What if half the plane gets eaten by a shark?

Or a killer whale?
They ask with wide, excited eyes.
Eyes that can view the universe with imaginations that match its size.

She is making something and her parents must guess what the mound-like creation is.
But a single clue: dragons live here.

The child is running naked along the shore, screaming in delight.
The joy is mesmerising, the freedom enviable.

A child is to be unknowing of any presence of inhibitions.
An adult is to be aware of releasing them.

Oh to be naked, running free along the sand.

DINGO. A word best said aggressively.



Auckland doing it right.

Those eyes though…

A Little Blue Penguin. I’m in love.

Tutu - Special Ocean Dweller. A 19 metre Sperm Whale.

No words.

Christmas Tree Festival in Welly.

Yes folks, those are hotels on Park Lane and Mayfair. Ahthankyou.