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My friends had a joint 21st Disney-No-Princess Party. 

Hercules was one of those films I was convinced I’d seen… I hadn’t. It is now one of my favourite Disneys. 

The wings are made from papier maché, bed sheet, a LOT of glitter, elastic and cardboard tubing. They are my pride and joy!

The tail is leftover bed sheet, stuffed with bed sheet and paper and painted with acrylic and glitter. 

(I’m not sure if the blue hair spray was a gargantuan mistake, because I love the colour. Too much.)

Incidentally, life is so much better with wings.  

"So evil, even her hair’s two-faced."

I’m 21 now. For my birthday, I got all my friends to dress as dalmatians, and, clearly, I adopted the role of Cruella. Terrifying lady. It was chaotic insanity. I decorated my white kitchen in black spots (which will stay up for the rest of the year).

Yes; everything I wore was in my wardrobe already. I lined the fur in red and attached the train and shoulder pieces to a gorgeous little Miss Selfridge number, the dress came from an amazing shop that sadly closed down, and the boots are Moda in Pelle: Once my mother’s. They were unworn.

My gloves are DISGUSTING. It evades me how women actually live with nails that long. Talonted. (Ithankyou.) I bought some of the ‘orrible things, painted them, and stuck them to the gloves.

Picture on the left: My university flat has a cardboard cutout of Harry Potter. It was only fair to include him in the festivities.

Picture on the right: My brilliant friend has an app on her camera. It pleases me. (‘Cruella gone global’, she says.)

Oh, and I made the ‘House of DeVil' sign too. It now faces outwards from our kitchen window. Passers by look up quizzically. I hope it stays there furrrrever.

I spend a vast majority of my time in fancy dress.

Edward Scissorhands - Edward Scissorhands, Jack the Pumpkin King - The Nightmare Before Christmas, Lady Gaga - Born This Way music video/Zombie boy

Here are just 3 examples from a couple of Hallowe’en parties I’ve attended at university, and since I alluded to my Edward Scissorhands costume in my previous post, I wanted to show and tell.

I love doing the makeup. The scars for Eddie were really fun (I thought I’d put fake eyelashes on though, so there was an element of femininity about the look). I also loved the detail for Lady Gaga. I went to town on the blending.

It’s come to my attention just how much I recycle the outfits! I don’t know whether it’s a good thing and what it says about my dress sense, but most garments I use for each character, are already a part of my wardrobe. True story.

(I’ll gradually put up more costumes, demonstrating the extent of my extra-curricular activity.)

To do all the makeup, I used my Bobbi Brown brushes, loads of eye shadows and Snazaroo facepaint. It’s the bestest.