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My friends had a joint 21st Disney-No-Princess Party. 

Hercules was one of those films I was convinced I’d seen… I hadn’t. It is now one of my favourite Disneys. 

The wings are made from papier maché, bed sheet, a LOT of glitter, elastic and cardboard tubing. They are my pride and joy!

The tail is leftover bed sheet, stuffed with bed sheet and paper and painted with acrylic and glitter. 

(I’m not sure if the blue hair spray was a gargantuan mistake, because I love the colour. Too much.)

Incidentally, life is so much better with wings.  

Queuing Pegasus. 

Barbara, Paul and Leon.

This is what I’m doing in my spare time with my English Literature and Creative Writing degree.

I love glitter. And so do my little friends.