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"So evil, even her hair’s two-faced."

I’m 21 now. For my birthday, I got all my friends to dress as dalmatians, and, clearly, I adopted the role of Cruella. Terrifying lady. It was chaotic insanity. I decorated my white kitchen in black spots (which will stay up for the rest of the year).

Yes; everything I wore was in my wardrobe already. I lined the fur in red and attached the train and shoulder pieces to a gorgeous little Miss Selfridge number, the dress came from an amazing shop that sadly closed down, and the boots are Moda in Pelle: Once my mother’s. They were unworn.

My gloves are DISGUSTING. It evades me how women actually live with nails that long. Talonted. (Ithankyou.) I bought some of the ‘orrible things, painted them, and stuck them to the gloves.

Picture on the left: My university flat has a cardboard cutout of Harry Potter. It was only fair to include him in the festivities.

Picture on the right: My brilliant friend has an app on her camera. It pleases me. (‘Cruella gone global’, she says.)

Oh, and I made the ‘House of DeVil' sign too. It now faces outwards from our kitchen window. Passers by look up quizzically. I hope it stays there furrrrever.